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Try best local soups at 7 Sopas in Lima

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7 Sopas means “7 Soups”, the concept of the place is to have every day a soup of the day. There is a small menu of other dishes, but a star of the menu is, of course, the soup of the day.

I’m really a fan of soups, all the countries I’ve visited I tried to taste local soups, and when one day I was riding to my apartments, my eye caught a banner “7 Sopas”, so I was interested…later on, when I’ve discovered that this is the restaurant of the owners of La Lucha (the best sandwich bar in Lima) I was really engaged to go there.

Three times I was trying to enter 7 Sopas (!!!), I’ve tried in the evening, in the noon – but there was always a line to get inside. So, there was no way, I was waiting 20 min. In a line, and that wasn’t for nothing!

Caution: don’t qualify this soup as a starter or first dish, the plates are so huge (even if they’ve marked as “medium”), that this will be more than enough for the diner.

The place is really gastronomic, the special attention I’d like to pay for the garlic bread served with the soup. On the second floor of the restaurant, there is a private bakery to serve guests with a fresh delicious bread.

7 Sopas 3

My personal recommendation is Sopa Criolla (creole soup).This is a spicy soup, with milk and meat, very different from what you may meet in European or American cuisine.

#inside: Get in advance, as it usually lines on the entrance.

av.bill: $12 – $16.
Hours: open 24 hours
phone: +51 944 612 970
fb: @SieteSopas



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