About Ava

Hey, my name is Anton (Antony, Antonio, Tony also works), one day I just thought that I want to live in the ocean shore, eat tropical fruits and be with a beautiful girl I’ve met in Peru.

So I’ve changed my job (and life=), sold my car and bought a one-way ticket!

Now I’m living in Lima, discovering the beauty of Peru and Peruvian life. Surfing on the internet I’ve noticed a lack of truthful information and lots of “tourist traps” staff, so in this blog, I’d like to share my #inside tips and findings on how to enjoy Peru on any budget.

What will you find here?

You won’t find here dry descriptions of “major attractions”, list of 500 restaurants in Lima etc. My main goal is to highlight the best attractions, most delicious restaurants, most interesting places and local staff even if it’s free or $1 price.

All the places mentioned in this blog I’ve visited and tried by myself, all reviews in this blog are written by mу, a long-stayer traveler and for travelers. So, I’d like to present you an alternative guide to Peru.

How do I earn to live here?

Well, a variety of my activities is really wide, being an IT guy, I’ve launched travel and educational mobile apps and work as software pre-sales consultant, performing private consultations on traveling and living in Peru and every time I’m looking for new opportunities in this life=).