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Barra Mar a piece of fisherman village in Barranco, Lima.

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Barra Mar is an authentic restaurant with an atmosphere of small fisherman village, original kitchen accessories and one of the best place to eat fish and seafood.

Barra Mar 2

I’ve discovered this small restaurant in the beginning of main bar street of Barranco during my first visit to Peru. Authentic wooden furniture, metallic dishes, and cups, a special hybrid of fork & spoon, they have taken care of all the small details and made every of them perfect and attractive.

This place, for sure I can mark as recommended for Ceviche – #1 specialty of Peruvian cuisine. One more interesting snack appetizer is a Leche de Tigre (Milk of a Tiger) – a fried fish slices or shrimps served in a glass with a special lime & milk sauce.










Barra Mar 3

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