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Ciclodía – join a bicycle day every Sunday in Lima

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Start your Sunday morning with a bike ride from Miraflores to Lima center, no cars – only bikes, rollers and skates. Lots of points to rent a bike for a low price, public shows and riding schools will wait for you.

While you are a bicycle, skateboard or roller rider, every Sunday you have a great opportunity to ride over 8 km from Miraflores to the center of the Lima. And I’m not telling about the thin and busy sidewalk, all the road of Arequipa avenue will be for you!

Every Sunday morning the road of Av. Arequipa is closed for car’s from 7 a.m. till 1 p.m., and this is Ciclodía (“Bicycle day”).

Bicycle day 2

For my luck, my apartments are exactly on the Av. Arequipa. So my first Sunday in Lima I just went out with my orange Penny skateboard and made an amazing ride to Miraflores. In the end of the route, free water and beverage points waited for me.

Even if you just have a few days in Lima and don’t have your bike with you, that’s not a problem at all! There are plenty of points on the road, offering bikes and rollers for rent, as well as riding classes.

#inside: look for “Municipalidad de Lima” tents, that is a governmental bike rental agency that offers the best rental prices, about $3 per hour.

Bicycle day 3

Riding at this day gives you an absolutely different view of the city, also that’s a good place to make new friends or rider buddies, so jump on your bike or board and do it!

#inside: 7 am – 1 pm, av. Arequipa (from Kennedy park to av. 28 de Julio), bike rental prices starts from $3 per hour.


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