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Best ice-cream stores in Lima

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Good ice-cream may improve both sunny and cloudy day, here is my list of best ice-cream stores in Lima.



This is one more #mustTry in Lima, and absolutely #1 in my list of ice-cream store! This is the only store in Lima that offers you a handmade fruit ice-cream. The preparation of ice-cream here is a part of a show, and the production of your “very custom” portion of ice-cream starts once you’ll pay your order. One more benefit is that the price here is almost same, like in any other ice-cream stores of Lima, about $3,5.

Ice-cream Amable Lima a  Ice-cream Amable Lima b  Ice-cream Amable Lima c

Helado Amable

Nice ice-cream cafe in the heart of Miraflores, hidden on a small pedestrian street Calle Tarata. Interior and design performed in the best hipster traditions, that moves you from Lima to France, and this makes a great benefit for this place, as most of other ice-cream shops are pretty poor inside and don’t attract you to stay there. Staff guys are very friendly and speak English.

Ice-cream Palermo

Heladería Palermo

In a minute walk from the San Jose park, there is one of the oldest ice-cream stores in Lima. It neither has a spectacular view from outside, nor rich interior inside, but who cares! There are always people here, and that’s because here you can find more than 25 sorts of a high-quality ice-cream. In addition to famous flavors like vanilla and chocolate, you may find some flavors of Peruvian exotic fruits that you wouldn’t be able to try anywhere in the world. A price is about $1,5 for the ball, you can also grab a cup of coffee.

Pizza Palace

Pizza Palace

Just in the corner of Plaza Mayor, you may get a huge portion of high-quality ice-cream just for $1, well, if you don’t need a huge one you will be asked to pay even less than $1, find here my review of this #lifehackBackpuckerSnakingPalace.

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