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#1 Creole Burger in Peru – La Lucha

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Since my first visit, I fell in love with La Lucha and it’s sandwiches made of local high-quality food on a bread they baked by themselves, fresh juices and friendly atmosphere.

While you are a fan of burgers or not, this is absolutely #mustGo place in Lima. I can’t recommend something special to try here, and the only problem of it is that everything you will find in the menu is so delicious!

You won’t find here a classic American burger because there is only local Peruvian creole meal offered, but that’s definitely a benefit.My personal favorite is a piglet burger called Lechon a la Lena, made of fresh piglet meat on a white crispy bread with local spices that are pretty original.

La Lucha 1a La Lucha 1b La Lucha 1c

My girlfriend always take a fresh juice here, strawberry one and I prefer a coffee, but not an American one! If you are a coffee lover, I suggest you try Cafe Pasado. It is a black coffee prepared in a way the Indians did it hundreds of years ago.

La Lucha 2

Another local beverage, I suggest you try here is Chicha Morada. I’m personally not a fan of Chicha, but for sure you should try it and decide for yourself do you like it or not. The only thing I may advise here doesn’t to try Chicha in a cheap street food points. Meet your first Chicha at La Lucha or any other place, where it’s prepared in a proper way.

How to find La Lucha? Well, it’s pretty easy, as it has great locations and always full of visitors, both tourists, and locals.

In Miraflores, one restaurant is just opposite Kennedy park and another one is in Larcomar mall.


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