Peruvian food, Snacking in Lima

Peruvian natural street food

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In Peru, you may find natural and delicious food not only in costly restaurants but on the street too. Here’s my review of the most interesting Peruvian natural street food.

Peruvian cuisine, as well as a culture, is divided in general into three parts – Costa (Pacific shore), Sierra (mountains) and Selva (tropical selva). Today I’ll highlight natural street food of the part called Costa and the best place to find all this tasty and exotic things is, of course, a historical center of Lima.

Quail Eggs.

Quail eggs

This is one of the most famous Lima’s street food, and you may find it almost in every corner of the city. The good news here is that eggs are sold already boiled and hot. Just for $0.30 you will get 5 hot and peeled eggs with a toothpick that is a great tool to pick small eggs.

Street ceviche.

Street ceviche

You may try the main Peruvian dish not only in a restaurant but in the street too. Street ceviche is a dish from raw fish and seafood, served with onion, lime juice, and crispy corn (you may find more about ceviche here). A plate of street ceviche will cost you about $1, and the show of preparing it you will get absolutely for free!

Orange fresh

Orange fresh

Here, in Peru, a glass of orange fresh on the street will cost you less than an orange nectar in the US or Europe. So, don’t hesitate to finish a glass of fresh juice on a sunny day, it will cost you less than $1.



Passing from “starters” of street food to more serious things, I’d like to introduce you a traditional Peruvian bakery called Empanadas. You may find it with beef (empanadas con carne) or chicken meet (empanadas con pollo). The good empanada is not a small one, and two empanadas may be a great option for a lunch.

Papa rellena


One of my favorite street food is a potato filled with an olive, meat, and spices. You can find more about it in my article here.


In the end, after great street lunch, I hope you will be ready for a great “street desert” called churros. Churros is a Catholic sweet crispy bakery with a nice cream inside. More details about this dish you may find in my another article here.

Living in Lima, I’ve discovered some best points to buy my favorite street delicious, here is my secret map.

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