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Surfing in Lima

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Hey, are you familiar with surfing? Beginner or advanced surfer, with or without your own board, here is a Lima surfing guide.

Once you will go for a walk to Malecon and look down you won’t find beautiful sandy beaches with lots of people sunbathing=)). Instead, you will see the waves and people on the surfboards trying to catch these waves!

Are you a beginner or want to try?

Then bring with you swimshorts, towel and a positive mood! If you ever rode skateboard or snowboard – it will be a benefit, if no – that’s not a problem at all.

The place where you can learn surfing and catch your first rides called Makaha beach. The good news here is that it’s in the heart of Miraflores district. Why only there?

This spot has a soft, medium size waves that will be perfect for learning and improving techniques. Taking your first steps on a professional spet may be dangerous – surf is an extreme and traumatic sport.

Surfing in Lima

A second reason is that all surf schools are placed here. I strongly recommend you not to try your first steps on your own, but take few classes. And the main reason for it is safety. Without some basic knowledge and skills, you can injure yourself or break down a surfboard and injure your budget.

The best way to start, just to come to the Makaha beach and take a class at one of the schools. They will serve you with all necessary – surfboard, wetsuit and instructor.

Once you will feel more or less ok, you may just rent a board and suit (that will be much cheaper).

If you are still thinking, should you try or not. My answer is YES! As a surfing is one of the most amazing things I’ve tried in my life.

Are you advanced or pro surfer?

If you want to have a surf vacation in Peru, I will definitely recommend you to discover northern part of Peru.

But if you are on your way to Machu Picchu or have few days in Lima, don’t lose your chance to catch Peruvian waves!

Ocean shore of Miraflores district offers you few surf spots.

Surfing in Lima

A Makaha beach with its soft medium size waves (up to 5 ft) is a good option for beginners. Serious waves will wait for you on Pampilla beach. Waves here are 6.5+ ft height, and another good news is that they are almost 365 days per year!

However, the water is pretty cold, so here people are riding in wetsuits. And the bad news here is that during the winter season (July to September) outside temperature is 12-16 C, so only desperate souls entering the ocean.

Surfing in Lima

If you don’t have a wetsuit and your board with you, it’s not a problem to rent it.

The easiest way is to go to Makaha beach and rent equipment at one the surf schools or rental points. Pampilla beach is in 10 minutes walk from Makaha. So you may leave your belongings at the rental point and just walk to the spot.

Also, if you are engaged in something more, ask rental points for a surf trips.


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