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Dine in aristocratic atmosphere – Villa Chicken, Lima center.

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Lima holds a huge amount of beautiful colonial architecture in the central district. One of the most beautiful and aristocratic courtyards was carefully kept and now opens its doors for dining at Villa Chicken.

I love colonial architecture, so what I’ve seen in the entrance was real eye-candy! Large courtyard, covered with a transparent roof, wooden stairways, three floors of balconies and old wooden furniture.

It’s so huge, that you can walk for some time, like in a museum. Lot’s of small details may keep your attention, you can find here Seville ceramics and creole craft paintings on the walls, antique vases, and art crud iron grids.

The good news for visitors is that despite all this beauty, prices are pretty affordable. And this restaurant isn’t one more “tourist menu” place, as it’s also very popular among locals.

The flagman dish of the menu is grilled chicken, one that Latin people called Pollo a la Brasa. And on this subject Latin people have a strong confidence. The chicken quarter will cost you about $4. In addition, I can suggest you try local lemonade with a herbal flavor Hierba Buena.

If you are not hungry but like to grab a cup of coffee in a nice atmosphere, you can visit Villa Chicken’s child project Pancho Fierro coffee shop.

Villa chicken should be a good point on the route of discovering Lima historical center.  

Av.bill: $10-20
Web: https://www.villachicken.com.pe
Fb: @villachicken


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