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Best backpackers hostels to stay in Peru

Are you a solo traveler or group of friends? Do you want to spend time with fun and meet travelers like you from all around the world? Then you should stay only in the best hostels. I’ve personally tried them all, and here is my list.

All the hostels I’ve selected to recommend today are not just a place to sleep. All of them has some activity staff to do, indoor territory to chill during the day and a bar for a party at night. And yes, they are well promoted and almost all the time full of travelers, so don’t forget to make a reservation in advance and be sure, you will meet lots of new friends from different parts of the world.

Probably you will gonna to discover Peru from Ecuador to Bolivia (or vise versa), so let’s start our journey from the northern border with Ecuador, and passing Machu Picchu we will finish it in Peruvian Amazonas!

1. Loki del Mar hostel – Mancora (beach resort)

Once you’ll cross the Ecuatorian-Peruvian border, you will arrive at the Tumbes town, that is actually no a safe place to stay. Instead, catch a bus and just in three hours, you will arrive at the Peruvian most popular beach resort called Mancora. Here you will find clear warm water and best white sand beaches in Peru. Loki hostel is just in few minutes walk from the beach, and during the night it offers best and hottest parties in the whole town.

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2. Meri Surf Hostel – Huanchaco (surfing spot)

No matter, if you are a pro or intermediate surfer, or just get an idea to try this amazing activity – Huanchaco is one of the best places to surf ever. Waves here are well formed and very very long! What is the best place to stay in a surfing spot – for sure surf hostel or surf camp, because here you can rent a board, get lessons and find friends for surf or beer? Meri has a very good location in the heart of the town and has all necessary staff for surfing.

3. Loki Lima and Kokopelli Hostel Lima

Lima is an amazing city, where you can touch history in the colonial city center, go party almost every day and surf just in the city center. One of the hottest backpacker parties is in Loki and Kokopelli hostels. Not enough partying in the hostel, then grab your friends and check Lima’s best nightlife spots that are all nearby.

Check available rooms at Loki Lima

Check available rooms at Kokopelli Lima

4. Bravo Surf Camp – Punta Hermosa (surf & beach resort)

Punta Hermosa is a Lima surrounding, popular among two categories of people: Lima’s citizens and expats – beach lovers; pro surfers from all parts of the world. For sure, if you are visiting Lima you should try this place. I was amazedly staying in Bravo Surf Camp, local guy build a really cool place from his family house (hope his grandpas are also glad about it=)

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5. Kokopelli Hostel Paracas (watch penguins in wildlife)

Paracas usually called “Galapagos for poor people”, that’s a joke I usually don’t like because this place is unique for the eco-tourism – you can watch seals and penguins in a wildlife and this is really great experience (read more about Paracas here). Kokopelli is a most popular spot among young travelers, with a cool bar and private entrance to the beach where you may chill and watch a beautiful sunset.

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6. Banana’s Adventure Hostel – Huacachina (an oasis in the desert)

Were you ever in a real desert, full of sand and nothing else? You have unique chance to feel the freedom of the desert, make an extreme ride on a buggy and try sandboarding riding down from a sandy mountain (read more here). All this stuff is only available in the early morning or late noon, but during the day you can chill on the pool of Banana’s Adventure Hostel – one more cool spot of travelers and nomads.

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7. Le Foyer Hostel Arequipa

Arequipa is one of my favorite cities in Peru, it’s nice and quiet sunny and warm. The best place to stay here is for sure historical center, and the best place to stay in historical center is Le Foyer Hostel. It that has a great location close both for the daily activities and night parties. Also, you will stay in an ancient colonial building that has a great atmosphere.

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8. Loki and Kokopelli Hostel Cusco

“Sí o Sí” (“yes or yes” in Spanish), you will go to visit Cusco, the starting point to the Machu Picchu and Andean treks. So, what will be the best thing to do before your trip to Machu Picchu? To meet some fellow travelers. And what will be the best thing to do after Machu Picchu trip? To have a crazy party with your new friends! Bets places for both of these things are Loki and Kokopelli. Both have fun, parties and a lot’s of travelers, mostly solo travelers or group of friends.

Check available rooms at Loki Cusco

Check available rooms at Kokopelli Cusco

9. Wasai Puerto Maldonado Hostel

Puerto Maldonado is a great chance to visit Peruvian Amazonas! Unlike other Amazonas cities of Peru that are only reachable by plane, you can get into Puerto Maldonado by night bus from Cusco. And the best place to overnight here will be for sure Wasai Hostel. Wasai is an amazing lodge just in the city center, with a huge green territory, with a swimming pool, river view and a spectacular view of the bridge.

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Enjoy Peru, and make your experience better meeting more people and staying in the best places.


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