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#1 Dish of peruvian cuisine – Ceviche

For sure, Ceviche is a most exotic dish in Peruvian cuisine, that will introduce you to fish and seafood of Pacific ocean shore.

Peruvian cuisine is very rich and different, however, you will hardly find any analogs of Ceviche in any other culture.

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So, what is actually Ceviche?

Ceviche is a raw fish and seafood, marinated in freshly squeezed lime juice, with a slice of fresh onion and chili pepper. This dish always attributed with corn and slice of sweet potato. As a side dish, ceviche usually accompanies with fried spicy rice.

For the first time that was a bit scary to me eat a raw fish and seafood. But that’s is actually not a raw fish. Freshly squeezed Lime juice makes his work perfectly. It’s enough just few minutes at asepticize and marinate fish and seafood properly. So you shouldn’t worry about your stomach and health.

inside#: fish and seafood aren’t served raw, but marinated in freshly squeezed lime juice.


Where is the best Ceviche served?

Off course in an ocean shore. So, don’t try to find good Ceviche in Cusco or Puno. Best places to try this local specialty are Lima and Paracas. While in Lima sometimes you may get a ceviche from frozen fish, in Paracas almost everywhere fresh fish is used. And it’s not just fresh, but it’s a “fish of the day”, one that was caught last night.

Places I can recommend to try good Ceviche are Barra Mar in Barranco district of Lima and a small restaurant in Pisco called Gloria (from Paracas you can get there by taxi for $1-2).

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