Peruvian food, Snacking in Lima

#1 Peruvian Street food pastry – Churros

One more thing in my lot of top Peruvian street food, and this time it’s a pastry. However it’s not a simple pastry, but the religious one.

Discovering Lima historical center, on my way from Catacumbas, I’ve found two small pastry shops. The only thing they are selling is Churros. Both shops have religious banners with a name of Catholic Saints.

One shop was absolutely empty, and another had a long queue. I was surprised by it and curious, so I’ve tried Churros in both of them, and both were delicious, so what’s the difference?
The thing is that each store has its Saint Patron, and that seemed that one was more famous (or in more favor) than another. So here is my inside:

Churros 2

#inside: Both stores offer excellent Churros, the only difference is in its patron Saints. So if you don’t have special preferences in Latin Catholic Saints, just choose the store with less queue!

So, what’s exactly is Churros?
Unlike Mexican one Panamanians, Peruvians one are more soft and delicious.
It’s a very soft and fresh bakery core with a white sweet cream inside. One piece will cost you less than $1 and make your day sweet and happy!

Churros 3


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