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Ica & Huacachina – get an adventure!

Here you may get your first experience and not just on one thing. Enter real desert, full of sandy mountains, spend a night at an oasis and check your snowboard skills on a sandboard.

While you are discovering Peru or live as an expat, that will be nice and adventurous weekend escape from Lima.

I couldn’t imagine, that just in three hours from cloudy Lima there is a place with a sun and sandy desert.
So, what might be exciting in the desert?
Well, the best thing about this desert is that it’s not a flat space, but really picturesque sandy mountains.
You may easily climb these mountains and enjoy views in the top or…
you may refresh your snowboard skills with a sandboard!

Collage Huacachina

Once you will arrive at Huacachina, you will notice lots of buggy cars. Their primary target is to make you fun with adventurous rides in the desert (and this is a real adventure).
And their secondary target is to drop riders to the best sandboarding spots.

Even if you are not a snowboard rider – no worries, there are sandboarding schools in the town.

Plenty of agencies in Lima, Paracas, Ica and other cities offer tours to Ica & Huacachina. My suggestion is to go straight to Huacachina by yourself and look for an agency there – that will be the cheapest option.
Well, if you prefer to take a tour from your location, ask your agency to provide you more details before you will purchase a tour.
Programs vary, it might be 1 or 2 hours in a desert, also there is a huge risk to get into tourist trap wasting your time in pisco degustation bodegas, chocolate factories, fake attractions and other affiliates.


#inside: go straight to Huacachina and look for an agency there, don’t buy a tour in Lima, Paracas or Ica, otherwise you may get into a tourist trap wasting your time in pisco degustation bodegas, chocolate factories, fake attractions and other affiliates.

How to get.

Early morning, catch your Uber or Cabify to Soyuz La Victoria bus station and take a bus to Ica. For sure you will be attacked by guys offering you a fast ride on the minibus, and that’s will be neither safe nor comfortable trip. There are several official bus lines in Peru, it is better to use one of them. The prices start from $6.

#inside: my suggestion is to use Perubus line. While it cost few dollars more, it offers comfortable seats, USB charges and fewer stops in the route.


In 3-3,5 hours you will arrive in Ica town, where you will be one more time attacked by taxi drivers and this time that is what you need! For $2-3 they will bring you to the Huacachina – an oasis in the desert of Ica.

Here, you may relax on a lake shore.

#inside: if you have 3+ days, that will be a good option to visit Paracas, that is about 1 hour from here.

Where to eat.

Huacachina is a tourist place, so you will find “tourist meal” for tourist price.

If you will go here by yourself, I suggest having a lunch in Ica.
The bus station is just in 10 min from the main square. Just go there and look for a nice cafe.

#inside: Try local fast food SalchiPapa (french fries with grilled sausage) in Kachito or chill in Lora cafe with your frappe

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