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Lima center starts from Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor de Lima (main square) is absolutely #1 must see the place in Lima and it is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

No matter, will you walk from corner to corner or will enjoy, sitting on the bench, you will like it. The best time to visit this place is 12 p.m. because every day at this time the military orchestra in front of Palacio de Gobierno (government palace) will entertain you with small concert and change of guard show.

Plaza Mayor Lima 3

Just before the show, you can grab a slice of pizza or ice-cream just for $1 on Pizza Palace, that is on the corner of the square, and just after the show, on the opposite corner, you may try pisco or #pisco sour cocktail in #Pisco museum. This place counts as a one of the best for pisco degustation.

One more thing connecting Plaza Mayor and pisco is the fountain in the center of the square. If you will be in Lima in the end of July you will get a great deal, as it will be a day of Pisco! Any idea how pisco day is celebrated in Peru?

Plaza Mayor Lima 5

This day, the fountain in the center of Plaza Mayor doesn’t contain any drop of water, it works with pisco! So, you will see a long line of people with cups and glasses waiting for the moment of filling it with pisco from the fountain.

#inside: visit guard change show every day at 12 p.m.



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