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Nightlife in Lima – best places to hangout and dance.

Have you heard that Lima’s nightlife is rich? That’s absolutely true, you can find a party almost every day. Today I’ll present you a chart of top nightclubs

Dancing for latin people is more than just dancing, it’s a national treasure! And an amount of dance and music clubs in Lima is really huge. However, as always, none of them are as good as others=) Today I’ll present a top chart of places you should visit.


Bizarro (best parties on Wednesday and Friday)

One of the most famous night (disco) clubs, that I’m visiting for years. The club offers two halls, first one with electronic music and a second one with the US pop and Latin pop music (salsa & reggaeton). Bar offer beers ($5-7) and classic cocktails ($7-12).


The public is in general locals and foreigners, it’s neither dirty bar nor a fancy place and it’s never empty on Wednesdays and Fridays. While at midnight it might be almost empty, don’t worry about 1-2 pm it will be really hot. I suggest you come earlier because sometimes it appears really overwhelmed and you may be rejected to enter.


Also, on the entrance, you will be a subject of a face controls (so no flip flops and shorts). You may be asked to pay an entrance fee as well (about $15).


Lima Bar

Lima Bar (best party on Friday and Saturday).

This is up today, absolutely #1 nightclub in Lima. It’s located in one of the most picturesque places of the city – Larcomar mall, one that was built on the rock and offers a spectacular view of the ocean shore.  

Lima bar is a new bar, but not a new place! The thing is that over last few years, in the same place there was a club called Gotica – the absolutely #1 spot of nightlife in Lima. About a year ago, Gotica was closed due to a violation of fire safety regulations and the city had a lack high-quality dance clubs. But all that happens is for pleasure, because the style, drinks, interior design and fire safety of Lima bar is much better.

This is a fancy place, so public here is well dressed and prices are higher than in other places from this chart, classic cocktails will cost you $9-14.

There is one open space with lots of tables and round bar counter in the center, so you may easily find a small table as well as a space to dance. For those who want special attention and comfort, there is a separate VIP zone.

One special thing that I like here is a huge terrace with a spectacular view of the ocean and night lights of Panamericana highway.

Hours: 9 p.m. – 6 a.m.
FB: @LimaBarLarcomar


Sukha (best parties on Friday and Saturday).

Sukha is one more recommended place for a weekend. Unlike Bizarro and Lima bar, Sukha is more a music bar than a dance club. It’s not such a crowded and contains a space to dance, but the most of the space is a sitting area.

What I like best about Sukha are a high-quality interior design and cocktails. Interior has a style of an Asian bar, double floor open space with a huge statue of Buddha in the middle. The specialty of an interior is a roof that might be open, so during summer Sukha easily converts into an open-air bar.

The cocktail card here is very rich and they use really high-quality alcohol. I strongly recommend you to try here best local cocktail called Pisco Sour, or it’s exotic variation Maracuya Sour or Coca Sour (cocktail prices starts from $8-10).


This is a pretty fancy place, so come here well dressed. Good time to visit Sukha is 11 p.m., also if you are a desperate dancer, it might be a good option for pre-party before going to Bizarro or Lima Bar.

Hours: 7:30 p.m. – 3 a.m. (Friday & Saturday), 6:30 p.m. – 1 a.m. (Wednesday & Thursday)
FB: @SukhaBudaLoungeLima

Sargento Pimienta

Sargento Pimienta (best party on Tuesday)

Sargento Pimienta during most of the nights is a rock club with a live music of local bands, BUT!!! Over the last years, every Tuesday it holds salsa parties.

This is not a fancy place at all, and it means that you shouldn’t worry at all if you don’t have your heels and dresses with you. Prices are very affordable, the entrance fee is about $6 and includes one beer. The public is young locals (a lot of students) and foreign nomads on their way to Machu Picchu (or on their way back from Machu Picchu=).

Hours: 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. (Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday)
FB: @Sargento.Pimienta.Barranco

Help retro bar

Help! (best party on Thursday)

Help opens its doors only once a week, on Thursday and this is #1 underground dance hall. Help! offers you a huge open space with few bar stages and lots of young locals. Music is in general Latin pop (salsa & reggaeton), prices for drinks pretty low, the atmosphere is great (or like Peruvian told genial!).

Hours: 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. (Thursday only)
FB: @helpbaroficial

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