Peruvian food, Snacking in Lima

Papa Rellena – a natural street food.

Nowadays, street food doesn’t associate with a natural or healthy meal. However, here in Peru, you may find this rare combination.

Peru is one of the origins of potatoes, so potatoes take a special place in Peruvian cuisine. Papa Rellena (Stuffed Potatoes) is a #mustTry street food.

So, what’s that exactly?
First and the main ingredient is (offcourse=) potatoes, and better to say a mix of rose potato and yellow potato (papa amarilla and papa rosada).
The reason for this mix is a substantial property of each one. Rose potatos is too viscous, so if you won’t mix it with yellow potatoes it will be like a bubble gum.
Otherwise, yellow potatoes are a hard substance, so without rose potatoes, you won’t be able to make potatoes paste.

Digging deeper, what I’ve discovered inside this potao roll is cut beef, with onion, spices, and olive.

To make it baked and crispy, before serving Papa Rellena is fried in flour and white egg for a few minutes.

The best place, I will recommend you to try it is in Lima historical center. In the corner of Huacavelica and Cailloma streets, you will see old cute lady selling Papa Rellena.

#inside: You may also buy here to go and fry it in your home or hostel.

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