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One of the best beaches in Peru are in Paracas national reserve.

Beautiful landscapes of wild beaches and a small version of Galapagos islands – Islas Ballestas, made from a small fisherman settlement a #mustSee point of interest called Paracas.

Islas Ballestas

Ballestas Islands.

The first morning in Paracas starts pretty early, about 7 am. And that is because speedboats to Ballestas islands departure time is 8 am, and that is the only available time.

#inside: speedboats to Ballestas islands departure time is 8 am, and that is the only available time.

So, why to wake up so early and what’s there?
There you will find a chance to see penguins, seals and million of birds sunbathing in small rocky islands.
Ballestas islands have the same origin as Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Coiba islands in Panama. The similarity of fauna and smaller trip budget made Ballestas islands known as a “Poor man’s Galapagos”.

Islas Ballestas 2

Islas Ballestas 2

Islas Ballestas 4

#inside: Ballestas islands are known as a “Poor man’s Galapagos” not for the low quality or poor variety, but for the low cost of a trip, so don’t hesitate to visit it.

And this is definitely #1 ecotourism place in Peru. Bring with you some jacket or sweater. Even if you are fine in T-short before departure, the ride will be pretty fresh.

National Reservation Paracas

Paracas national reserve.

Paracas became a tourist place, so you can find any kind of transport for exploring this beautiful place.

Bicycle. While it might be one of the cheapest options, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are pretty strong sports rider. The distances are pretty long (some dozens of km). The winds with the sand may be pretty strong. You will have to ride up to the hill to reach some places. Sun and heat may be too strong.

Minibus tour (about $5). This is a good and budget option to visit the most beautiful beaches and viewpoints. The bad news is that you won’t visit all the beautiful places and your time will be limited.

National Reservation Paracas 2

National Reservation Paracas 3

Mini buggy & quadricycles (about  $20). This would be a nice group safari ride through the main beautiful places. And that’s it. Don’t expect extreme rides, if you are looking for a really extreme ride, take a bus to Huacachina (1-1,5 hours from Paracas) and discover real sandy desert.

Taxi & Car rental (about $25). This would be a bit more costly than minibus option, but definitely the best one among all. The best, because you will be free! You will go where you like and be sure, there are plenty of beaches and rocky viewpoints you would like to chill.

Paraglide (starts from $80 per 30 min). This is the most expensive option to discover a beauty of reserve, but also the most exciting one. 30 min fly will cost you about $80 (10 min. fly in Malecon of Lima will cost you about $75).

#inside: in the winter season (June to October) bring some clothes, as it’s colder in reserve than in Paracas town.


Paracas town.

After ecotours to islands and reserve, Paracas offer all fun of the resort city, with central beach, fresh fish restaurants, and craft souvenirs market.

#inside: try local fish called Corbina and a local raw fish dish called Ceviche. On a craft market, you may buy very cheap jewelry with macrame.

Paracas town 2

Paracas town 3

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