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Pisco – more than just a brandy in Peru

You will hardly find a party in Peru without Peruvian brandy, or better say Peruvian vodka called Pisco!

Peruvians protect very strongly their ownership on Pisco. If you will check customs rules here, among drugs and weapon you will find a restriction to bring into the state any alcoholic drink that called Pisco and not a product of Peru.

Unlike lots of Peruvian “Inka things”, the grape was brought to Peru by Spanish guys in the 16th century. Experiments with wine distillation it 17th century gave a life to Pisco.

There are few basic types of Pisco, but I’d like to point your attention on two of them:

  • Puro (pure) – best option to drink it pure, as a shot.
  • Mosto Verde (Green Must) – it’s the best option for #mustTry cocktail Pisco Sour{Link}

If you want to dig deeper, I suggest checking this wiki article.

One more, unofficial and craft type of Pisco is a Pisco with coca leaves. You won’t find it in supermarkets, just in craft souvenir shops and some bars. It has pretty strong and original coca leave taste.

#inside: if you want to try different sorts of a high-quality Pisco (both official and unofficial), the best place will be a Pisco Museum on the corner of Plaza Major, one of Elamolienteria bars or Sukho.

When you will enter the supermarket to buy a bottle of Pisco, you will find a huge variety, in different bottles and prices that may start from $6 per liter.

#inside: for your safety, I definitely don’t recommend you to try $6 per liter Pisco.

So, here is my inside from my own experience and experience of my local friends.

If you’d like to buy something with a good balance of price and quality, I suggest you take a bottle with hipster label Paca Paca.  More delicious, and the one you will easily find in any store is Vinas de Oro. And finally, if you want the best one, that’s definitely is Porton.

Pisco Paca Paca Pisco Oro Pisco Porton

Don’t miss to try all types of Pisco, but don’t forget that immoderate consumption of alcohol will make you drunk!)

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