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All truth about Rainbow mountain – Cerro Colorado

You’ve probably heard about the colored mountain, rainbow mountain or mountain of 7 colors – all these names got one of the most beautiful attractions in the Cusco area.

Why should you visit Rainbow mountain?

The first reason is that it is really beautiful and amazing view that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world. Of course, I’ve seen lots of negative reviews from people who were disappointed by gray foggy or snow, but this is all about the season and choosing the right time for visiting Cusco. In a right season, you will have beautiful views exactly as in my photos.

The second reason, that might engage non-professional treckers for visiting Rainbow mountain is to test yourself and hike to the altitude of 5 000 meters! The hike starts at the point of 4,3k m (14k ft) above the sea and on the top point (the best one for #instagram photos=) you will reach 5,2k m (17k ft). The path is pretty plain, but the lack of oxygen because of altitude makes you feel yourself a hero moving forward with each step. Only half of my group was able to reach the endpoint, the rest of the people returned back on the midway.

Hiking at this altitude is really hard. But, even if you are not strong physically enough – you will have a chance to enjoy these views. Local, Andean people already know this place as a tourists spot, along with all the hike you will be offered a horse ride service, as well as a local meal.

When to visit Rainbow mountain?

As I told previously in my articles, the best time for visiting the Cusco area is May-June and September-October. You will have sunny days with a blue sky most of the time.

Outside of this time, you will have rains or will be frozen during evenings and nights, and visiting Rainbow mountain you will have a high possibility of rain, gray sky with a foggy (so, no photos for you #instagram at all) or even snow (with a snow it won’t be a rainbow mountain anymore).

Visiting Rainbow mountain with a tour guide vs on your own.

Is it possible to visit the rainbow mountain on your own? Yes, but should you go there on your own…Well, that’s a question.

You won’t find public transportation, but renting a car or catching a cab you will be able to do it. At the end of the article, I’ll share a starting point location.

I personally, chose an option of taking a tour of the Rainbow mountain. Almost every agency in Cusco offer this tour, it was easy and cheap to find one. The bus ride from Cusco to the starting point takes around 2,5-3 hours, so instead of renting a car I’ve preferred to spend this time sleeping)) As usual, entering new tour group you have a great opportunity to make new friends and travel buddies.

#inside. sometimes lack of oxygen makes you feel sick even faint. Local guides always have a gasbag for emergency situations, so visiting Rainbow mountain on your own don’t forget about it.

Should I visit both Rainbow and Vicuña mountains?

I’m not a professional hiker, but feel myself a strong physically young man (and a shy one =))). When I’ve reached the final point of Rainbow mountain hike – I thought I will die (really!!!). I saw few guys, that continued their hike to Vicuña mountain, and it is still a question for me, are they human or super athletes?

For those, who are professional hikers and ready for this challenge I have just a few organizational tips. If you are charged to visit both mountains, tell it to the agent that will sell you a tour and make him understand it. Most of Rainbow mountains tours don’t offer enough time for visiting Vicuña mountain. Also, visiting both mountains, you will start the hike in one location and used to return to another (the bus will drop off you in one location and will pick up in another one). On the Rainbow mountain (only) tour, the bus will wait for you at the starting point.

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