Shopping malls in Lima city

Lima is a 12 million population city, so I can’t tell an exact number of city malls here. By the way, only a few districts are safe and may be interested in tourism or expat life. Here is my top list of shopping malls, where you will for sure find all kind of clothes and domestic staff.



It would be impossible if I would start this review with any other shopping mall, as this one counts as a fanciest and probably this will be the first one that you will find discovering Miraflores and Malecon. The main feature of this mall is its location – the mall is build-into the rock and offers one of the best viewpoints in Lima. So, if you are not interested in shopping, you may come here for a spectacular view on a viewpoint or in one of the restaurant terraces.

As per shopping, you will find here most trendy brands of sport & casual clothes, clothes for tracking, local top brands of Alpaca clothes and more.

The bad news here, that for all the beauty of location you will find the highest prices in the city. So if you are looking for some reasonable prices, check one of the malls below.


#inside: Every year September, 30 there is a Shopping Day in Peru, and this is Peruvian Black Friday. Most of the stores all over the state offer up to 50% discounts.

Plaza real mall

Plaza Real

This is the nearest big mall to the Miraflores district, so if you’ve missed something for your adventure trek to Machu Picchu, this would be the best place. Plaza Real is about twice larger than Larcomar and offers affordable prices. The best way to go here is to catch a taxi or call Uber or Cabify, the ride will be about 10-15 min and price won’t be more than $5. If you will look for dining there, I personally recommend you to check Don Belisario, pretty good restaurant with local cuisine.

inside# nearest to Miraflores big shopping mall.

Wong supermarket


While it might be incorrect to qualify Wong as Mall, I think it should take place in the shopping list here. The thing is that if Larcomar is the fanciest mall in Miraflores, Wong is the fanciest supermarket in Miraflores. If you are looking for a high-quality meal, then you should visit it. The mall is in the few steps from Kennedy park and offers a huge variety of local and imported food and beverage. So far, if you are an expat and miss Spanish jamón, Dutch waffle or Parmigiano cheese, definitely you will find all this stuff here. Also, you may find here all variety of local food and drinks such as Cusquena Red Lager beer and all variety of Peruvian brandy Pisco.

The good news about this supermarket is that the prices for local products (beer, fruits e.g.) are not higher than on the markets or small private stores.

include# the best and the biggest food supermarkets in Miraflores and San Isidro districts.


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