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Chicken thick soup – Caldo de Gallina

Are you a soup lover? Not one super liquid in your cup, but with potatoes, lime juice and a huge part of the chicken? Here it is – Caldo de Gallina.

I’m personally a real soup lover, every country I’ve visited I was engaged to try and to love local soup. While soups are not so popular in Peru, they have a solid place in Peruvian cuisine.

Calda de Gallina

I haven’t found something exotic on my plate, just potatoes, noodles and chicken. However, fresh herbs, ginger and lime juice    (it’s hard to imagine any Peruvian dish without lime=) rewarded this dish with very original taste.

One more thing, that I liked about this soup that it’s pretty thick and served in a pretty big plate. So, don’t qualify it as a starter – it’s perfect main course, or if you don’t eat a lot the only course at your dining.

The place I may recommend to try this soup is 7 Sopas restaurant.

Calda de Gallina in Peru also well known for its “after-party” retreat values))
So, if you had a crazy party last night, look for this soup to recover your self for new adventures!

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