Taxi vs Uber – how to get a cab in Peru

Taxi fares in Peru are not so high as in the US or Europe, so don’t hesitate to use it. You may ask me “What about Uber? Does it present in Peru and is it legal?”, here is my answer…


To find a taxi on a street is not a problem at all, you just need to go out and as long as a taxi driver will see you, he will start beeping or calling you offering his service=). It’s pretty easy to recognize taxi car, as it’s usually old Japanese or Chinese car with red & white stripes.

If you need some short trip in a daytime inside safe districts like Miraflores, Barranco or San Isidro, just catch the nearest one taxi.

However, if you need a ride to some not safe district or at night time, the best option will be to use taxi service of your hotel or one of the Uber-like mobile services. The reason is that (unfortunately) some taxi drivers might appear gangsters and you may be easily robbed.

Fares here depends on a number of districts you need to cross. For example, 5-minute ride inside Miraflores may cost about 8 soles ($1,5), but a ride from Miraflores to Magic fountain show (crossing San Isidro, Lince and Santa Beatriz) may cost from 17 soles ($5).

Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget – you are a “Gringo” from a rich country, so a price for you will be always higher than for locals!) This is one more proof using Uber-like services, as it doesn’t matter for Uber where are you from.

#inside: taxi fares depends on a number of districts you need to cross.


So, what about Uber?

Yes, it operates in Peru. Yes, it absolutely legal and yes, Uber offers the lowest fares.

For those who are not familiar with it, Uber is a mobile service that lets you order a ride from a mobile app with the lowest fare and won’t require you to interact with a driver – this is a most valuable feature if you are abroad and don’t speak the local language.

If you don’t yet register, you may use promo code UBERAEROGENIO to get 10 soles ($3) for your first ride!

But there is one problem with the Uber here – it’s too freelance. From my personal experience of Uber in Peru:

  • Few times driver took an order, but start riding in a direction far away from me
  • One time driver told me to reject order as he didn’t want to ride to an airport
  • Few times I was riding in old and pretty dirty cars.

Uber is a great service and I used it in many countries, but in Peru, I’ve found an alternative with a Spanish operator called Cabify.

Chatting with locals and drivers, I’ve discovered that in comparison with Uber, Cabify performs more screening of drivers and has more strict conditions to the cars. As a result, all my rides with Cabify were in clean and pretty new cars.

However, Cabify also has its cons:

  • No cash payments
  • You may only use credit/debit bank card issued by a country where Cabify operates (it’s Spain and Latin American). The solution here for foreigners is to use Paypal account.
  • Sometimes fares are $1-$2 more expensive than in Uber.

If you yet not registered in Cabify, please use promo code ANTONE8 and get 6 soles ($2) for the first ride!

I personally use both services. I prefer Cabify, but if the price is too high or there are no cars close to me, I’m switching to Uber without problems!

#inside: no matter will use Uber or Cabify, at night time it will be much safer than a taxi from the street.

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