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Top 7 quiet and safe parks in Lima

There are a lot of parks in Lima, unfortunately, not all of them are safe, quiet and in good condition. Here’s my list of parks where you can relax from the noise of the city.

Parque de las Aguas

Parque de las Aguas (Water Park) is a piece of France in the heart of the Lima. It’s beautiful and contemporary, clean and safe, with lots of benches and fountains. It was renovated in a French style in 2007. This is a great place to go with kids as well as with friends.

I can say, it’s the safest park in Lima with good security and probably the only place, where I can go with my Mac to write posts for this blog or make some other staff.

Every day in the evening, you may see here a Magic Water Circuit show.

#inside: every evening Magic Water Circuit show takes place.

Parque Kennedy

It’s impossible to imagine top parks list without (J.F.) Kennedy Park, as that’s a central place of the fanciest and touristic area in Lima. There is nothing great in this park from the “parks point of view”, as it’s pretty small and always crowded. It’s not a place to relax on the grass, play with your dog or perform yoga classes, but it’s the best place to catch some public event!

Flower festival, main acting scene of a bicycle day, a celebration of Peruvian football team victories, all interesting events in Miraflores happen here. During evenings without events, handmade souvenirs market taking place in the middle of the park.

#inside: free WiFi point

Malecon park


Malecón is an absolutely #mustSee #mustGo and #mustDo place in Lima! A long park zone and walkway in the top of the mountain break, just in front of the ocean! All the zone is divided into small parks, each has its unique name. You can walk or ride a bike here, chill on the grass or doing yoga, held some group lessons or just play with your kids or pets.

One of the main attractions here is paragliding, that is not just costly, but really overpriced (10 min fly is about $80)! However, if you are ready to spend this money, you will enjoy views of one of the most picturesque places in the world.

My favorite place here is a French crepe cafe Beso Francés Creperia. The crepes are really good and a view is really spectacular.

#inside: there are free WiFi points in some parts of the park

Costa verde walkway

Costa Verde (Green Coast)

There is no way to visit Lima and not visit an ocean shore. The bad news is that Lima doesn’t offer beautiful beaches. The nearest comfortable for sunbathing beaches are in 4 hours by bus, in Paracas (and that is actually one of the best ways to escape from Lima on weekend). The good news is that you can enjoy the ocean shore by walking or running on a pedestrian road of Costa Verde (Green Coast).

The easiest way to access it is to go down by stairway, close to Parque del Amor (A park of Love). From this point, if you will go to the left you will be engaged by surfing instructors offering to take one more lesson. But if you will go to the right  – you will have a nice walk on the ocean side. In the end of the way, you will have an option to return to Malecon, going upstairs by another stairway.

Parque de la Muralla (a Park of the Wall)

Parque de la Muralla is a 5-minute walk from Plaza Mayor. It is a nice place to relax after discovering Lima center. The park got its name because of the ruins of the city wall, that in old times protected the city. Now it’s contemporary park, with modern benches and places to chill, guarded by security guys in the entrance.

One more historical thing here is a guy on a horse, in a corner of the park. This guy is Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish militant who conquered an empire of Inkas here, in Peru. So, why he is in the corner and not in the center?

Well, there was actually territory occupation and colonization, and contemporary Peruvians may not be happy with it.

El Campo de Marte

Best time to visit the park El Campo de Marte is a weekend because at Saturday and Sunday it appears as a huge open-air space for dancing schools. You can meet here all genres, from traditional Peruvian and Bolivian dances to R’n’B. Everything is very informal, you can just walk around and join one of the groups or lessons and if you will like it, you may join a society of one of the dancing groups.

Well, if you are not a dancer, you may just relax here on a sunny day. Bikes and rollers offered for rent here. And a special note for travelers with pets (!!!): this park contains special “dog park” with different constructions (sorry, I’m not well educated in pet things=), separated from the main zone.

#inside: every weekend local dance groups & schools perform open-air classes that you can easily join, styles vary from national Peruvian and Bolivian dances to R’n’B.

Park San Jose

Parque San Jose

A small and cute park has a nice view to San Jose Cathedral. It is the second biggest cathedral in Lima whose view is monumental. Here you may take a rest in your way of discovering Jesus Maria district. Sit on the bench and catch local free Wifi, but WAIT!!!

Before you will do it, it’s strongly recommended to grab an ice-cream from the oldest ice-cream cafe in Lima with more than 25 flavors.

With tasty ice-cream life definitely becomes better)

#inside: free WiFi point


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