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Where to stay in Lima?

Lima is the main Peruvian international air hub, so probably it will be your first destination. And it’s really huge, so where to stay in Lima? Unfortunately, today Lima is not a safe city, so check my review.

Lima is a 10 million population megapolis. It divides into several districts, and a life in different districts may vary in times. Some districts are clean and well cared, with a high level of security, while others are below the level of poverty. This is because each district has its own budget and tax rate, district municipality here play an important role.
When I traveled different cities, I’ve always tried to stay in a city center, as it appeared the safest and most interesting part of the city.
Here it’s a bit different) The fanciest, quietest and safest areas in Lima are an ocean shore districts called Miraflores and Barranco.
The most interesting from the history and architecture point of view area is Lima’s historical center.

So what’s the plan staying in Lima?

inside#: my suggestion is to stay in Miraflores, Barranco or San Isidro. Lince may be acceptable, but avoid walking there at night time.



Miraflores is beautiful and amazing, it’s the area of rich Limenians, where you may find best bars and restaurants, the beautiful green zone of Malecón and ocean shore walkway Costa Verde. The fanciest shopping mall, Larcomar with spectacular ocean view is also here, as well as the best nightclubs and parties. So, first of all, check the hotels or apartment prices here and if you will find a good deal, stay here!

Check recommended hotels in Miraflores






Barranco is a bohemian district of Lima. If you are a lover of old Spanish colonial houses, hipster places, and street art – this is your place. While you may feel a rhythm of a busy city in Miraflores, in Barranco you will enjoy a quiet atmosphere of small gardens, a picturesque walkway down to the ocean shore.

Check recommended hotels in Barranco

Barranco 2




San Isidro

San Isidro.

If you prefer to stay closer to Miraflores, but not spend so much money, San Isidro will be a great alternative. It’s very safe and quiet, with nice restaurants and parks. Also, a part of San Isidro is a business area, so don’t wonder if you will find there skyscraper branded hotels among business centers.

Check recommended hotels in San Isidro






If you want to find some compromise between cost, quality, and safety, Lince will work. However, it might be dangerous for robberies at night time, in the small streets.

Check recommended hotels in Lince

All the rest districts.

You definitely should visit Lima historical center, as it is a great area with a lot of interesting things. But I’ll strongly recommend you to plan your discoveries for the daytime, and at night time return to your place in Miraflores, Barranco or San Isidro.

The reason is that during last years the level of robberies and urban violence increased in times.

For the same reason, I suggest you to avoid staying or visiting all the rest districts of Lima, especially Callao, Surco, and Chorillos.

#inside: urban violence was increased in Lima during last years, staying or discovering this city outside of safe districts (Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro, Lince and Lima historical center) is too dangerous.

As a solution, you may discover it with some authoritative tourist agency, but not on your own! (well, in case if you like to keep your money, gadgets and your life).

Are you scared?
Comoon=) This is life, just follow my #inside tips, and your trip to Peru will be safe and amazing!

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